Me and these medications

Hello to the world today I hope all’s well I’m having a fair day my celexa doesn’t seem to have many side effects but it’s not really helping me either so I will have to try another that drives me bonkers I swear okay so I told you I tried zoloft and got stuck on it for about 10 yrs it had miid side effects not to bad but I guess I ignored the part where you don’t mix alcohol with it so bottom line I tried committing suicide like 4 times I want to tell you about the last time I tried to kill myself I was drink of course so I decided I was tired of hurting in my mind and heart so I took like 90 zoloft bout 20 lortabs and some other stuff so I finally laid in the floor beside my purse at this time my baby son was 2yrs old or so anyways my purse got knocked over and a picture of him fell out at that moment I was on my way out of consciousness I started praying to God please don’t let me die if you let me live I want try to kill myself again then I woke up 2 days later and to this day I have thought about it but I haven’t tried it again that’s been 9 yrs ago so back to what I started taking after zoloft so I was put on wellbutrin and I felt so tired and draggy so I didn’t like it so then I give effexor a try and no no no I hated it my brain was foggy I didn’t wanna talk so it wasn’t for me my dr seems to stay with the ssri’ which I think may not work for me that’s what I mean when I say we got to stand up and be heard when it comes to our mental health cause we are not all the same and they don’t care about the individuality we carry they have us go with the flow and it’s ok to start that way but we have to stand up and have a voice we know what we feel or what’s working needing help doesn’t make us ignorant even though alot of folks feel that way and if you can’t then have someone to help in your best interest we all deserve to be happy and enjoy our lives hugs and kisses to you all

By the way this was write a couple months back also so I hope it’s ok I can tell I’ve gotten a little better at writing 🌷

Published by April🌞Starr

Honest, good-hearted, love to write big personality

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