No love or respect

I was thinking about depression today as I do alot of days and how you made it through a crazy last year there was a lot of pain and sadness and tragedies but good or bad you made it I really wish I could help people understand how depression makes you feel inside and out plus the beautiful strength you have,. people tend to want to say it’s in your head and have no empathy or compassion which then makes the depressed person feel even worse we have got to give up the judging of people even if you don’t understand you can still show compassion we really need that depression and mental disorders absolutely does not discriminate at all and you can’t just look at someone and judge there life when it comes to these issues you it’s a real shame the ignorance so many people share on these issues that’s the reason I decided to do my blog so maybe I could reach somebody and try to help them understand that we are real people with real struggles I truly don’t understand how people chose to disrespect and disregard with folks that deal with these issues I do know they have contributed to helping keep us isolated and ashamed to get the help we need like I’ve said before I know this because I have lived the judgements and being called crazy or my favorite one is its just in your head ain’t nothing wrong with you, and of course this one just don’t be depressed as if I can stop and start it plus many more. But I will say this it seems the world trys to keep the mentally unwell and also the addicts on the ground as if being a recovering addicts or trying to cope with our illness isn’t hard as hell they got to make us feel shameful and want to hide. Thanks so much for letting me talk to you and you reading this I feel I will find my way to be heard standing up for you in these areas til next time friend

Published by April🌞Starr

Honest, good-hearted, love to write big personality

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