Merry Christmas moma

Well it’s the 3rd Christmas without my sweet moma and it sure ain’t got much easier let me tell ya I don’t really understand the whole grief process but I wish it could get a little easier my boys had a good day they are happy with all there gifts I just remember how my mom as face would be just glowing after she opened all her gifts she would then display them right beside her until she was ready to go to bed I wish I could have made sure I thanked her for working so hard as a server to make sure her 5 kids got what they wanted for Christmas I really really miss her I miss giving her a 💋 on her cheek telling her I love her but I know she’s waiting for me and one day the good lord willing we will see each other again someday goodnight moma and thanx

Published by April🌞Starr

Honest, good-hearted, love to write big personality

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